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Do Not Worried About Losing Your AirPods?

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Do Not Worried About Losing Your AirPods? Try These Tips To Prevent Lost AirPods.

What Could You Do If You Lose AirPods?

Anyone who’s ever lost one of their AirPods – Or even thought they lost lost one of their AirPods- Knows the immediate surge of panic that follows. Admit it or not, Anyone who’s owned AirPods has lost them at some point, Even if only for a few minutes. You fall asleep with them in your ears, one falls out on the treadmill, they got tangled in your hair until you find them the next day- We’ve all been there.

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The surge of panic follows:

“Can i replace it? Is that covered in the warranty? How much is this going to cost? I’ve only had them for a week ! “

What is the solution?

Use Find My To Find Your AirPods

The first thing you should do is open the find my device to locate the missing AirPods. The app will show you where they are if they are not too far apart or dead. Even if they are out of range of your iPhone or other devices that you’re using with the AirPods, the app will show the location where they were last connected.

Buy A New Pair Of AirPods Or A Replacement

If your AirPods truly are gone or you just don’t feel like waiting for them to turn up, you have no choice but to order a new pair of AirPods from Apple. Lost AirPods aren’t covered by warranty. Luckily, if you just lose an AirPods, You can Purchase a replacement from apple which is much cheaper. The price for replacing a regular AirPods Rs. 7,351, While the price for replacing an AirPods is Rs. 7,351.

Use One AirPods

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Purchase a replacement is not the only solution. Yes, as shocking as it may sound, you can just one AirPods. If you other AirPods. If your AirPods is somewhere around the house, using just one will keep you from buying a new pair while you wait for the old one to turn up .

Keep Your AirPods In The Case

This is simple rule, but it’s a must. If you using your AirPods, the only place they should be is in the case. Don’t leave them sitting out on the computer, Don’t put them in your pocket or your cupholder. No matter how good you are at keeping up with them, AirPods that are loose and outside of their case are more likely to get lost.

Not only that but because they’re not in the case they’re going to slowly lose battery life. This means that you won’t able to find your AirPods using the Find My app on the iPhone, making them harder to recover.

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