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What is eSIM on iPhone ?

An eSIM is an industry-standard digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical SIM. You can install eight or more eSIMs on an iPhone and use two phone numbers at the same time.


There are some prerequisites ( irrespective you install eSIM on iOS or Android ), So the necessary notes entail:

Point – 1. For smooth eSIM installation, make sure you have an unlocked compatible device.

Point – 2. You need a stable internet connection for a successful eSIM connection.

Point – 3. The use and validity of your data will not be compromised by installing your eSIM before you fly ( see list at the end ). When you arrive at your destination , your eSIM will only be enabled and validity starts once you are linked to the local operator. ( Activating eSIM at installation time: Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Japan, China, Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, Macau, Maldives, Republic of China, Republic of the Congo, Thailand, Ukraine )

How to install eSIM on iOS ?

Point – 1. Go to Settings.

Point – 2. Tap Mobile Data > Add Data Plan

Point – 3. Now you can install eSIM via the manual installation or QR Code.

Point – 4. Simply go to eSIM details on your > My eSIMs > Select eSIM > Choose the method of installation.

Point -5. Label your eSIM

Point – 6. Set a Primary Line or Default Line for calling purpose.

Point – 7. You have to select a primary plan when adding eSIM to iMessage, Apple ID, and FaceTime. Click Continue afterward.

Point – 8. Set eSIM data plan as default. NOTE: Please Turn off Allow Data Switching to avoid high roaming bills on a default data plan.

Point – 9. Edit your eSIMs APN settings ( in order to access data ). Go for ( you carrier ) .com > My eSIMs > Choose eSIM that’s been installed.

Point – 10. Update APN settings, if required by going to settings > Mobile Data > Choose eSIM Plan > Mobile Data Network.

[ Fast – Forward ] How to turn on eSIM and enable data roaming upon arrival

Point – 1. Turn your eSIM on by tapping on Settings > Mobile Data > Followed by eSIM > and turning the eSIM on

Point – 2. Please use your eSIM as a primary line when traveling, click on Settings > Mobile Data > Primary > Choose active eSIM.

Quick Question: How to check if you have an active eSIM?

Point – 1. Just like a traditional sim, the signal bar strength at the top of the screen will show if the eSIM is active.

Point – 2. You can go to Settings > Mobile Data > Data Plans > On/Off to check the status of your dual SIMs.

How to install eSIM on Android ?

For Android, there are two ways to add an eSIM. However, the steps may vary per device.

Way 1 – Scan the QR Code for eSIM

Point – 1. Go to eSIMs to find your QR Code

Point – 2. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > tap the icon parallel to Mobile Networks

Point – 3. Click next when it says ” Don’t have a sim card ? “ > scan QR Code. NOTE : Go to Network & Internet and tap on the mobile network to set the right network preferences listed on additional information, If needed.

Point – 4. Under the Mobile Network, you can see eSIM which you have to turn on and enable the data plan.

Point – 5. Enable Data Roaming while turning off primary line data to avoid roaming charges.

Way 2 – Installing eSIM manually

Point – 1. Tap My eSIMs to find manual installation details via website or app.

Point – 2. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network ( icon parallel to it ).

Point – 3. Tap when they ask ” Don’t have a SIM Card “.

Point – 4. You’ll be asked to enter the code manually: SM-DP+ADDRESS. Once done, activate the code and confirm. Turn on your eSIM under Mobile Network > Enable Mobile Data > Data Roaming.

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