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Riversong Motive 7S Smartwatch’s impression after two days of usage

Yellow Modern Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail 2
Yellow Modern Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail 2

I recently got my hands on the Riversong Motive 7S smartwatch from a fairly new power to the smartwatch market in the Unique Electronics and i was impressed with the design of the smartwatch and the features that it offers at the price. I am excited to see how the smartwatch performs in the real world during out testing. So let’s start with the initial impression.

Riversong Motive 7S Initial Impression

The design of the Riversong Motive 7S smartwatch resembles the popular smartwatch series from Apple and provides a sleek and modern look that you would love to wear in various outfits. It comes with various customisable watch faces within the app that can be changed with a crown dial a fancy name for the rotating button that helps to navigate between various options on the 1.9-inch display that looks great. The display has a good display that looks great. The display can be used outdoors without and hassle. Similarly, the touches are responsive.

When talking about smartwatch we can’t ignore the fitness tracking it provides and in the watch also there are various fitness tracking modes that use various sensors to track your activities that can be used to track your status. Similarly, the watch features sensors like a heart rate sensor and an SPO2 sensor. Along with that, The ECG features in quite interesting to see n the smartwatch in this price segment. However how accurate these sensors provides data is still unknown as i have barely used the smartwatch. We will share the accuracy of these sensors in our review video unboxing video.

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One of the useful features of Riversong Motive 7S that i liked is the Bluetooth Calling which is not only receives calls from the smartwatch but can also initiate calls from the watch. The Quality of the audio was best according to the other person. However, the voice was clear with a bit of noise which I guess is normal. Similarly, the app can show notification and messages from various apps however, the notification feature only works with popular apps, due to which you will probably miss out on various notifications from other apps. Music control from the app also works as intended and during its use, I did not see any issue with it. In terms of battery life the company claims seven days of performance on a single charge however during two days period I noticed that the battery has reached eighty percent. However, It depends on the uses as i have enabled all the settings like notification for all the supported app, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and much more. Also, the watch supports wireless charging and the charger provided with the box attaches itself to the watch if the position is correct and charges the device. Although the company has claimed the watch charges wirelessly I did not get any chance to verify this claim with wireless chargers which i will verify in our full review video like below in youtube tag

Overall the Riversong Motive 7S during my two days feels like a solid watch that offers premium features on a budget. However, It is difficult to state segment without proper usage and testing so I will be testing the device for a period and write all the pros and cons of the smartwatch in the form of a review video. So till then, the initial impression of the smartwatch is good and best.

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