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The Best Way to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

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Tons of people switch to Android every year for a wide variety of reasons, from better value for money, to a less walled-in user experience, or just for a change. However, switching all your data from your iPhone to an Android can seem daunting. This easy-to-follow guide explains how to transfer your data from iOS to Android using different methods in simple steps.

It includes instructions for any Android phone, whether you’ve got a brand new Galaxy, a shiny new pixel, or something else! We’ll also tell you how to protect your online privacy on your new device for stress-free Android experience.

What to Do Before You Transfer Data from Your Old iPhone

Before you start the iPhone to Android transfer, make sure you’ve charged both phones. Update all software on your old phone and back up your data on iCloud so you don’t lose anything important. You won’t be able to access iCloud on your Android phone, but it will preserve everything in case you decide to go back to an iPhone.

Turn off iMessage and Face time, So you don’t miss any calls or message and turn off iMessage. Next, go to Settings > Facetime and turn off Facetime. You’ll also want to deregister iMessage on the Apple website so Apple doesn’t keep sending iMessage to your number.

How to Back up Your Data on iOS

Whether you’re going to transfer data from your old phone manually or with an app, you’ll want to back up your data first. Here are two great ways to back up everything on your device.

How to Backup Your Data to iCloud

Your may have your phone set to automatically back up to iCloud, but it’s worth doing a final backup just before you switch to Android! you can still access that data on other devices via a browser and who knows if you’ll be switching back one day ? Make sure your phone is on charge and connected to a Wi-Fi network before you start.

Here’s how to backup your data to iCloud:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2: Select your name

Step 3: Select iCloud

Step 4: Select iCloud backup

Step 5: Select backup now

You won’t be able to use iCloud on your Android phone unless you log in through your browser. Still you can transfer the data to your new phone using an app, or manually download your iCloud files to your computer and then to your new phone.

How to Back up Your Data to Google Drive

Using Google Drive is the easiest way to back up your data. It will back up your calendar, contacts, videos and photos to iCloud, you’ll want to transfer it all to Google Drive, Since Android doesn’t have an app for iCloud!

If you use Microsoft for your Calendar and contact, you can download their apps for Android on your new phone. Here’s how to back up your data to Google Drive:

Step 1 – Download Google Drive on your iOS device from the App Store.

Step 2 – Sign in with your Google Account.

Step 3 – Go to settings in Google Drive.

Step 4 – Select Backup

Step 5 – Choose what to back up.

Step 6 – Select Start backup.

Of course, you don’t have to use Google Drive. You can use a service like Amazon Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox instead. If you only use Amazon photos but not the other services, you can backup your photos on Amazon photos and backup the rest in Google Drive.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

On pixel and Samsung phones, you can use their respective apps to transfer data automatically. you don’t have to do a Google Drive backup, but it’s always a smart idea in case something goes wrong during the transfer process between phones.

For other phones, you can transfer your calendar, contacts, photos and videos using Google Drive. For everything else, you’ll need to transfer the information manually or use a paid app. Be careful when downloading new apps, though. Vet then carefully first!

Transfer Your iPhone Data to Google Pixel

Google’s Quick Switch adapter ( what they call the USB A to USB C adapter ) lets you transfer most data from your old phone to new pixel phone. This includes call history , photos and videos, DRM-free music, and messages ( text, iMessage, and Whatsapp )

It will also automatically download the equivalent versions of your iPhone apps from the Play Store. Keep in mind some apps will be iOS only, but you may be able to find an Android equivalent with a quick Google search.

Follow these instructions to transfer everything from your iPhone to your new Google Pixel Phone:

Step 1 – Insert your SIM card into the Pixel phone, turn it on, and press Start on the screen.

Step 2 – It will ask you to Copy apps and data – select Next.

Step 3 – It will ask you, Use your old device ? – select Next.

Step 4 – Use the adaptor to plug your iPhone on the Pixel phone.

Step 5 – Select Copy on your iOS device.

Step 6 – Choose what data to import to your Pixel phone.

Step 7 – select Copy on the Pixel phone ( deselect whatever you don’t want to copy ). It should start transferring the data.

Step 8 – The app will tell you once it’s finished transferring the files.

Transfer Your iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung also allows you to transfer data from your iOS device to a Galaxy phone with a cable or using iCloud. The Samsung Smart Switch app lets you transfer call history, DRM- free music, settings and alarm, notes and voice memos, as well as your contacts, calendars, photos, and videos.

How to Transfer from iOS Using a Cable :

Samsung phones sometimes includes a USB A to USB C adapter, or you could use a lightning to USB C cable to connect the two phones. Follow these instructions to transfer your data from your iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy phone using the adapter:

Step 1 – Turn off two-step verification on your Apple ID before starting the transfer.

Step 2 – Use the adapter to plug your iPhone into your Galaxy Phone.

Step 3 – Download the Smart Switch app on your Galaxy Phone.

Step 4 – Open the app.

Step 5 – Select Receive data and then iPhone/iPad.

Step 6 – On your iOS device, select Trust.

Step 7 – On the Galaxy phone, select Next.

Step 8 – Choose what data to transfer to your Galaxy Phone.

Step 9 – Select Transfer on the Galaxy Phone.

Step 10 – Select Done once the transfer is finished.

How to Transfer from iOS Using Wi-Fi:

If you’re transferring data from iCloud, be sure to do one final backup on your iOS device before the transfer. you will also want to disable iCloud’s two-factor authentication. To transfer wirelessly from iCloud instead of with a cable, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Download the Smart Switch app on your Galaxy phone.

Step 2 – Open the app and accept the term of service.

Step 3 – Select Receive data, and then iPhone/iPad.

Step 4 – Select get data from iCloud instead.

Step 5 – Enter your Apple ID and select Sign in to iCloud .

Step 6 – Enter the verification code and select ok.

Step 7 – Choose what data to transfer to your Galaxy Phone.

Step 8 – Select transfer on the Galaxy Phone.

Transfer Your iOS Data to Other Devices

Only Pixel ans Samsung devices have native transfer apps. For other phones, you can use Google Drive, but it will only transfer your photos, videos, contacts, and calendars. For everything else, you’ll have to use a paid app or manually transfer data.

How to Manually Transfer Your iOS Data to Android

You can Plug both phones into your computer and manually move photos, videos, documents, and music files from your old phone to new one.

On a PC, use iTunes to manually copy music files from your iPhone to your PC or Android phone. Transfer phots and videos manually in the files explorer. You can export text chats from WhatsApp and send them to yourself via email, but you won’t be able to transfer photos or videos from conversations.

If your calendar is synced with iCloud, you can also manually export it as a .ics file and import it into Google Calendar. You can also select all contacts in iCloud and export them as a .vcf file to import into Google Contacts. Alternatively, a google Drive backup from your iOS device and iCloud account to Google Calendar.

On a Mac, use the Finder to transfer any files directly from your iPhone to your Android device. You could also use your Mac to download iCloud files to your Android phone or to Google Drive.

How to Transfer Your iOS Data Using Google Drive

After completing the Google Drive backup on your iOS device, log into your Google Account on the Android phone and download the Google Drive app. Select Restore from backup. you should then be able to access the backed-up contacts, calendars, photos, and videos from your old device.

What Will You Lose in the Transfer ?

Unfortunately, you can’t take everything with you. Here’s what you may lose when you switch to Android:

1 – Paid apps ( The Play Store and App Store are different )

2 – App data

3 – Apps that don’t exist for Android ( you may be able to find a similar app )

4 – In – app purchases ( The App Store handles these on iOS )

5 – Settings ( Samsung can transfer Wi-Fi settings and alarms )

6 – Safari Bookmarks

7 – Third – part chat app data ( depending on how you transfer your data )

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