Buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online in India

In today's fast-paced world, mobile accessories are pivotal in simplifying and enhancing our daily lives. Our smartphones and tablets have become indispensable tools for communication, productivity, entertainment, and so much more. With the constant advancements in technology, mobile accessories have evolved to cater to our ever-growing needs, making them essential companions in our digital journey. Explore a wide range of top-quality mobile accessories that ensure your devices are powered up, safeguarded, and equipped with the latest innovations for unmatched performance.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Accessories

Unique Electronics has got a wide range of power bank to keep you charged and connected on the go. Whether you need a small, portable one for daily use or a high-capacity power bank to handle multiple devices, we've got you covered. Also, if you're tired of holding your phone while watching videos or making video calls, our mobile stands and tripods will be your new best friends. They'll prop up your device at the perfect angle, freeing up your hands and giving you that much-needed hands-free experience! Our gimbals and mobile lenses are game-changers if you are a vlogger or an aspiring filmmaker. Say goodbye to shaky videos - these nifty gadgets stabilize your footage, making your videos look smooth and professional. Also, check out our selection of mobile chargers, whether you need a fast-charging option or the convenience of wireless charging. If you want to add some flair to your phone, our trendy Pop Sockets are stylish and functional. They give you a comfortable grip and double up as a stand for hands-free viewing - perfect for those impromptu selfies or binge-watching sessions. We also understand the importance of keeping your precious screen scratch-free. That's why we offer durable screen guards, providing that extra layer of protection without compromising touch sensitivity. And finally, we've got a wide range of mobile cases & covers in various designs and materials. They not only keep your device safe but also reflect your unique style.

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Factors to look for before buying Mobile Accessories

The first thing to consider is the compatibility of your required accessory with the phone model you have. Assess your requirements, such as battery capacity for power banks compatibility with your device, and the features that best suit your lifestyle. Also, look for mobile accessories that fit your budget, and fulfil your needs simultaneously. At Unique Electronics, you will find a wide range of mobile accessories that will serve your basic utility as well as your premium requirements without hurting your wallet.

Why buy Mobile Accessories from uestore?

Buying your smartphone accessories from has many advantages that make us your go-to destination for all your tech needs. From power banks and smartwatch to gimbals, portable chargers, pop sockets, screen guardsmobile camera lenses, and mobile cases and covers, our product range covers every aspect of enhancing, protecting, and personalizing your devices without hurting your wallet. Shop from online or visit your nearest Unique Electronics for all your mobile accessory needs and elevate your digital lifestyle with the best-in-class accessories.

Buy Wireless Mobile Headphone (Earphone/Headset/Bluetooth) Online India

In today’s world of mobile phone and especially now during the lockdown when everyone is connected to each other on their mobile phones, have a mobile headphone or a mobile earphone makes plenty of sense, and also makes phone calls convenient as against holding your mobile phone close to your ear at all times, which is unhealthy too. A mobile headphone takes away such worries, allowing you to speak without getting irritated, when having to speak for long durations.

Those who prefer wire-free management of their calls prefer wireless headphones so they don’t have to bother with entangling of wires, a typical issue with most wired mobile headsets. With a lot of interactions now moving online, wireless headphones are convenient, not just with your smartphone but also with PCs and laptops. These days, whether you are a working professional or student, you need a headphone, wireless or wired. Tech-savvy people prefer mobile Bluetooth headsets that allow them to take calls even while on the move, which is why more and more mobile Bluetooth headphones are being introduced, and you can also easily get your wireless headphone online. The only thing about mobile Bluetooth headsets is that they need to be charged regularly so that they are able to perform. From that perspective, wired mobile headsets take away your worry of having to charge your headset like in a mobile Bluetooth headphone.

Whichever mobile phone headphone/headset you desire, you will get numerous mobile earphone options at Unique Electronics (, a popular destination for mobile accessories. If you are looking for a normal or wireless headphone online or Offline, simply visit Unique Electronics or and review our phone headphone/headset options and place your order. You will be amazed to get some of the best value deals on earphones or headphones in the market. Buy that headphone, wireless or otherwise today.

Mobile Tempered Glass | Buy Phone Tempered Glass Online India at Unique Electronics -

Since the advent of mobile phones, one of the most vulnerable parts is the screen of the mobile phone. While the rest of the body of a mobile phone (either acrylic or metal) is comparatively stronger, the screen is made up glass and as such, despite it’s strength and durability, it is prone to scratches and getting cracked. So, perhaps just like you would protect your new phone by buying a cover that appeal to you, it becomes equally important to protect your mobile phone screen with
the right type of cover.

While there are masses of picks reachable in this space, glass display screen covers are regarded the best options that will protect your smartphone screen optimally, by saving the screen from scratches and cracks. As compared to plastic screen guards, tempered glass for mobile phones is a better option as it has another added advantage on not creating air bubbles between itself and the mobile screen glass surface. So now with tempered glass screen guards, you no longer need to worry about ugly-looking air bubbles on the face of your mobile phone, thanks to mobile tempered glass which is especially designed for mobile phones.

For these of you who preserve shedding your cell telephones each now and then, or if you are generally accident-prone, then you really need to ensure your phone is protected with a mobile tempered glass guard. Imagine the tragedy should your phone screen get damaged and then needs to be replaced; the cost for which goes into a few thousands of rupees. 

Instead, it is better to invest in screen protector glass guards rather than run the risk of your screen getting damaged and looking ugly. Not just does the tempered glass for mobile phones keep them looking almost new, such Screen protector glass also ensures better longevity of your mobile phone, enhancing it’s resale value. So, if you are one of these who loves to preserve making an attempt new smartphone models every one or two years, then having a phone tempered glass guard is one of your best options to protect your screen and to keep it looking grand and new.

Even in tempered glass screen guards you have options like clear and transparent or even matte and lightly hazy. Depending on your preference i.e. whether you want your screen display to look sharp or soft, you have several options in mobile phone tempered glass screen guards that are available online. You would possibly prefer to test out some of the high-quality preferences on We are a leading online seller of mobile phone accessories and you can get a wide range of screen protectors on our online shop. If you are checking for options for tempered glass online India, then UESTORE is your best bet. Known for being a market leader in mobile phone accessories, our customers keep coming back, as they prefer us over generic sellers. For your smartphone screen guards of tempered glass online, India’s young and fashionable generation of mobile phone users definitely
endorses UESTORE.