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FLiX (Beetel) Sprint S22 Smart Watch

SKU: FLIX S22 Black

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FLiX (Beetel) Sprint S22 Smart Watch

Introducing the S22 Smartwatch: a powerhouse of innovation. Boasting a 1.96″ high-res display, Realtek processor, IP-67 water resistance, and 120+ sport modes, it delivers a seamless blend of style and functionality. With a 7-day battery life and AI voice assistant, it’s your ultimate companion for elevated performance and convenience.

Elevate visuals with our 1.96″ high-res display!

Dive into unparalleled clarity and detail with the S22 Smartwatch’s striking 1.96-inch high-resolution display. Watch faces, notifications, and fitness data come to life in vivid color on this expansive screen, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable user experience right at your wrist. Unleash boundless possibilities with the S22’s impressive 1.96-inch high-res display.

Engineered for excellence, powered by Realtek processor

Experience the pinnacle of performance with our device, meticulously crafted for excellence and driven by the potent Realtek processor. Unleash seamless power and efficiency in every interaction, making innovation an integral part of your daily experience.

IP- 67 water resistance- Dive into the future with peace of mind

Explore without limits with the S22 Smartwatch’s robust IP-67 water resistance. From rain-soaked walks to intense workouts, embrace the freedom to conquer any environment. Stay connected and track your progress effortlessly, even in wet conditions. Dive into the future with confidence and the S22 Smartwatch

With 120 sport modes, tailor your fitness journey to perfection.

Ignite the athlete in you with the S22 Smartwatch’s extraordinary 120+ sports modes. Whether running, cycling, swimming, or yoga, unlock your full potential in every workout. With real-time stats, comprehensive tracking, and an extended range of sports modes, the S22 empowers you to reach unprecedented fitness heights. Elevate your performance and embrace a world of sporting excellence with the S22’s extensive 120+ sports modes

Stay powered for a full week, with 7 days of unstoppable performance on a single charge

Experience week-long vitality with our device, 7 days of unstoppable performance on a single charge. Stay charged, stay connected, and conquer every day effortlessly.

AI Voice Assitance

Effortlessly streamline your day with the S22 Smartwatch’s integrated AI voice assistant. Experience hands-free convenience as you command tasks, seek information, and stay updated all through simple voice interactions. Elevate your smartwatch experience with the power of intuitive AI assistance on the S22.

500 nits brightness

Immerse yourself in brilliant clarity with the S22 Smartwatch’s stunning 500 nit brightness display. Whether under bright sunlight or low-light conditions, enjoy a vibrant and easily readable screen, ensuring every detail shines through with uncompromised visibility. Elevate your visual experience with the S22’s exceptional 500 nit brightness.









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